Free add-on: [CS-Cart] Total weight of order Version 1.1.0 (CS-Cart version 3.0.x)

Dear friends, we have great news for you.

New version: [v.1.1.0] Total weight of order for CS-Cart version 3.0.x.

Release Notes.

[+] Total weight has been added to the cart contents page.

[+] Total weight has been added to the order summary block on checkout page.

[*] Now total weight is hidden if it is equal to 0. Note. There was a problem: the orders which have been placed before add-on's installation showed zero total weight.

[+] Now total weight has been added to the packing slip. Note. The add-on works correctly even if order is sent by several parts.

[~] For the convenience to the description of the add-on there was added the quick link to the site where you can get an actual version of the add-on.

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