Add-on: [CS-Cart] Product images for invoices for the branch CS-Cart 4.0.x

Hello everybody!

So, I present a simple new paid add-on "Product images for invoices".

After installation of this add-on in invoices orders of your store the images of products will be displayed. Please have a look at the screenshot "invoice.png" in the attachments on product page.

I will be glad for any comments.

Thank you.

P. S. In the first 10 days of sales add-on will have the discount of 69 percents. The price taking into account a discount of 9 USD, without a discount of 29 USD. At present this add-on is available only for CS-Cart 4.0.x. In ten days a version for the branch 3.0.x will appear. The users who have bought the add-on for 4.0.x will be able to download the add-on for 3.0.x for free.

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