Free Addon: [CS-Cart] Drop down breadcrumbs

Dear friends,

Today we are announcing the new free "[CS-Cart] Dropdown breadcrumbs" add-on from our team.

This add-on modifies standard breadcrumbs so that your store visitor can select the necessary product category with performing as few actions as possible. So navigation through your store is simplified, that increases the usability, therefore increases the loyalty of the customers.

In the add-on settings, there is the ability to set up the number of categories displayed in breadcrumbs with using the "Maximum number of drop-down elements" setting.

Also, there is a setting as the check box "Show child categories for selection". By default, this setting is enabled. If this setting is enabled, when the customer is in a category which has subcategories, the ability to select these subcategories will appear in breadcrumbs.

For example, as for the category by the link below:

I will be glad for any comments.

Thank you.

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