Free Addon: [CS-Cart] Total weight of order

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Damir Sanatullin. I am a representative of a company that is developing new shopping carts, in particular for CS-Cart.

At the moment, our main business is selling ready-to-use add-on modules. In the future, we’ll be able to present a full range of services from technical support and various kinds of modifications necessary to clients to improvements in usability.

Our company will develop and publish on this forum a number of free add-ons for the CS-Cart platform, so that you can see the quality of our products for yourself.

So, I’d like to introduce the thread to our add-on, "Total weight of order".

With this add-on will be the calculation of the total weight of products in orders. The weight of the goods will be displayed on a detailed order page (please have a look at the screenshot "Order details" in the additional images) and on the invoice page (please have a look at the screenshot "Invoice" in the additional images).

If you have any comments or suggestions we are always open to dialogue.

Thank you.

Official partner of the CS-Cart